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In Eclipse, when I search a project for a string, I get a nice little search results box that shows every file that contains that string, along with the file system hierarchy.

In VS2010, when I search a project for a string, I have to click "next" through each appearance of the string, and sometimes don't realize I'm in a loop when it keeps jumping back and forth between the same locations.

Is there an equivalent to the Eclipse style search for VS2010? I know that there's Find Symbol, but that doesn't seem to search in aspx files. I know I can use an external grep tool, but I'm hoping there's something within the IDE.

Is there?

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"Find in Files" will do a string search with brute force.

Edit => Find & Replace => Find in Files or Ctrl+Shift+F

but often people use that when they really want "Navigate To" which is a quick symbol search (Ctrl+ ',')

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Duh. Can't believe I missed that. – IVR Avenger Aug 8 '12 at 15:28

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