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I have the following NancyFX unit test.

var browser = new Browser(new UnitTestBootstrapper());
var response = browser.Post("/login", with =>
        with.FormValue("UserName", userName);
        with.FormValue("Password", password);


You can see that I use an instance of Nancy.Testing.Browser to POST some form values. I would like to capture this Http request in Fiddler but I am not sure how to set-up the Browser (a proxy perhaps?)


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You can't because they never hit the network; that's the whole point of the browser class - to give you end to end testing without the performance hit/configuration issues of having to use hosting/http/networking/browser rendering.

If you want to go via the networking stack then use something like Selenium, or spin up a self host and poke it with EasyHttp or manually with HttpClient.

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OK. Thanks for the info. –  biofractal Aug 9 '12 at 11:04

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