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My initial situation is similar to the one in this question. Coming from a strong Git background, I wanted to force-push a cleaned-up version of my private branch (under the same name) where I've squashed / folded some commits (using the histedit extension). What I did again is similar to this answer, but I did things in a different order:

$ hg clone -b private_branch <url>
$ hg histedit -r <some_rev> # Fold some commits
$ hg push -f # This creates a second branch head on the server
$ hg update -r <rev_of_original_branch_head>
$ hg commit --close-branch -m 'Closing this branch in favor of a cleaned-up version'
$ hg push

The thing I don't understand is, if I now set up a new working tree, I get

$ hg clone -b private_branch <url>
$ hg log -l 1
changeset:   <rev>:<sha1>
branch:      private_branch
tag:         tip
parent:      <tip_rev_of_branch_before_folding>:<sha1>
user:        <name> <email>
date:        Wed Aug 08 11:48:25 2012 +0200
summary:     Closing this branch in favor of a cleaned-up version

Why is tip pointing to the closed branch? hg heads is only showing my force-pushed head as expected. However, hg heads -t is showing both heads for private_branch. I've also verified that my closing commit is indeed a closing one, hg log --debug shows extra: close=1.

EDIT: The problem with this is, if I do a commit on a fresh clone, I get

$ hg ci -m "test"
created new head
reopening closed branch head <rev>

But I do not want to reopen the closed branch head, I want to commit on top of the open branch head.

How can I fix this, preferably without doing a no-op merge?

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The tip tag is a special “floating” tag, which always identifies the newest revision in the repository.

(from http://hgbook.red-bean.com/read/managing-releases-and-branchy-development.html)

That's why tip points to a revision involving the closed branch.

Is there actually a problem here? If you just carry on working you'll be on private_branch with the changes you wanted to be made.

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The problem is, if I do a commit on a fresh clone, it will reopen the closed branch. I've edited my question accordingly. – sschuberth Aug 9 '12 at 7:20
Thanks for clearing me up on what exactly tip points to, however! – sschuberth Aug 9 '12 at 8:04
I would call that a bug with -b. I just tested that if the default branch has two heads and the most recent one is closed, cloning without -b default will update to the older open head, not the closed tip. But add -b default to the clone and it updates to the more recent closed head. Running an additional hg update default selects the older open head again. – Mark Tolonen Aug 9 '12 at 16:53
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The solution was to simply do

$ hg update private_branch

to set the working directory's parent revision as shown by hg parent(s) to the newly created open branch head, away from the closed branch head. It was somewhat unintuitive to me that I needed to "switch branches" although I already "am on that branch", but in this case I was not switching branches, but switching heads within a single branch. Something that works completely different than in Git.

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