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How can I assign a value to cells if it's neighbour contains a specific string?

For example, fields in column A:


The syntax in column B would be:


It always picks up the first TRUE cell, but drops when the value is not true.

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SEARCH does not return 0 if there is no match, it returns #VALUE!. So you have to wrap calls to SEARCH with IFERROR.

For example...

=IF(IFERROR(SEARCH("cat", A1), 0), "cat", "none")



Here, IFERROR returns the value from SEARCH when it works; the given value of 0 otherwise.

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You can use OR() to group expressions (as well as AND()):

=IF(OR(condition1, condition2), true, false)

=IF(AND(condition1, condition2), true, false)

So if you wanted to test for "cat" and "22":

=IF(AND(SEARCH("cat",a1),SEARCH("22",a1)),"cat and 22","none")
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Hey, thanks for that, but i'm hoping to get two different results here. when a string contains "cat" I wanna say "cat" when it contains "22" I wanna say 22. In the real world example there will be no overlap. thanks – Csongor Aug 8 '12 at 15:11
And as long as the value has one, it will continue to short-circuit, unless you concatenate. e.g. =Concatenate(IF(SEARCH("cat",a1),"cat",""),IF(SEARCH("22",a1),"22","")) – Brad Christie Aug 8 '12 at 15:25

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