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Is it valid to put lone carriage-return characters into a HTML block formatted with white-space: pre-wrap?

I've got an application which is receiving a SOAP message, and logging the message to a file. Our logging code has always stripped new-line characters so on Unix, this is a one-line log entry. The incoming message is windows format CRLF though, so after stripping the new-line, I'm left with lone carriage returns.

The log viewer screen on the application shows a table with the log entries having white-space: pre-wrap formatting. On my browser at least, this looks great, with lone carriage returns working just the same as a new-line or CRLF.

Is this reliable behaviour?

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Yeah, it's valid. Using white-space: pre-wrap; is exactly the same as using <pre>, except that it will naturally wrap lines according to the boundaries of its parent.

However, you should consider making sure your CSS is cross-browser compliant.

#log {
    white-space: pre-wrap;       /* CSS3 */
    white-space: -moz-pre-wrap;  /* Mozilla, since 1999 */
    white-space: -pre-wrap;      /* Opera 4-6 */
    white-space: -o-pre-wrap;    /* Opera 7 */
    word-wrap: break-word;       /* Internet Explorer 5.5+ */

You can also use white-space: pre; if you want line to push the boundaries of its parent to keep everything in the output on a single line

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