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I am using ajax to fill a series of dropdown list in an MVC 3 razor environment and am trying to create a general function to do this. The core bit of the function I am having problems with is

url: '@Url.Action("SecondaryList")'

where I want to replace "SecondaryList" with a JavaScript variable.


var myUrl = 'SecondaryList'
url: '@Url.Action(' + myUrl + ')'

I have no idea how to do it as the above does not work!

Many thanks in advance!

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You could use the .replace() javascript function. Start by declaring a javascript variable

var myUrl = 'SomeAction';

and then use a dummy placeholder with the server side Url.Action helper that you could replace with the javascript variable:

url: '@Url.Action("__url__")'.replace('__url__', myUrl)
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Excellent answer - simple, elegant and 100% effective. (Also, obvious to me once seen). Many thanks. –  Peter Smith Aug 9 '12 at 7:37

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