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What is a simple way to convert a 64 bit integer encoded as a hex string to a decimal string on a 32 bit system. It needs to be the full value, it can not be in scientific notation or truncated :/

"0c80000000000063" == "900719925474099299"

"0c80000000000063" != 9.007199254741E+17

PHP's base_convert() and hexdec() don't do the job right.

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You need to use BC Math PHP extension (bundled).

First split your input string to get high and low bytes, next convert it to decimal and then do calculation via BC functions like this:

$input = "0C80000000000063";

$str_high = substr($input, 0, 8);
$str_low = substr($input, 8, 8);

$dec_high = hexdec($str_high);
$dec_low  = hexdec($str_low);

//workaround for argument 0x100000000
$temp = bcmul ($dec_high, 0xffffffff);
$temp2 = bcadd ($temp, $dec_high);

$result = bcadd ($temp2, $dec_low);

echo $result;

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Have you seen the first comment to hexdec's help page on php.net?

When given large numbers, the hexdec function automatically converts the value to scientific notation. So, "aa1233123124121241" as a hexadecimal value will be converted to "3.13725790445E+21". If you're converting a hexadecimal value that represents a hash value (md5 or sha), then you need every single bit of that representation to make it useful. By using the number_format function, you can do that perfectly. For example :


            // Author: holdoffhunger@gmail.com

        // Example Hexadecimal
        // ---------------------------------------------

    $hexadecimal_string = "1234567890abcdef1234567890abcdef";

        // Converted to Decimal
        // ---------------------------------------------

    $decimal_result = hexdec($hexadecimal_string);

        // Print Pre-Formatted Results
        // ---------------------------------------------


            // Output Here: "2.41978572002E+37"
            // .....................................

        // Format Results to View Whole All Digits in Integer
        // ---------------------------------------------

            // ( Note: All fractional value of the
            //         Hexadecimal variable are ignored
            //         in the conversion. )

    $current_hashing_algorithm_decimal_result = number_format($decimal_result, 0, '', '');

        // Print Formatted Results
        // ---------------------------------------------


            // Output Here: "24197857200151253041252346215207534592"
            // .....................................

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That doesn't work. It just expands it. 0c80000000000062 != 900719925474099328 –  James Hackett Aug 8 '12 at 15:44
Umm, off by one? –  favoretti Aug 8 '12 at 15:46
This is false, number_format will use a rounded number. 0x1234567890abcdef1234567890abcdef == 24197857200151252728969465429440056815 (base 10) –  Benjamin Brizzi Feb 20 at 15:50

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