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I have a QCompleter using a QStringListModel for my QPlainTextEdit (check this example):

  QStringListModel* model = new QStringListModel(names);
  QCompleter* completer = new QCompleter(model);

It works fine. Now I need some Icon, Tooltips for each suggestion I'm trying to use a QListWidget as custom popup:

  QListWidget* w = new QListWidget();
  foreach(name, names) {
    QListWidgetItem* i = new QListWidgetItem(name);
    i->setIcon(/*my Icon*/);

The popup ok, just like I need, but the completion no more work. I cannot type the text to make it filter the suggestion, just Up/Down key.
I have try:


but no help!
What is my misstake or just QStringListModel give me the ability to filter the suggestions? What do you suggest?
Thanks you!

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I mostly deal with PyQt, but same deal. My syntax may be off, but you should use a QStandardItemModel vs. a QStringListModel. From there, you can leave it as the standard popup (QListView)

Something like:

QStandardItemModel* model = new QStandardItemModel();

// initialize the model
int rows = names.count();  // assuming this is a QStringList

// load the items
int row = 0;
foreach(name, names) {
    QStandardItem* item = new QStandardItem(name);
    item->setToolTip("some tool tip");
    model->setItem(row, 0, item);

completer->popup()->setModel(model); // may or may not be needed
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