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What I am trying to do is query the database and have it return the orders. This integer was mistakenly inserted as negative. So I would like to take the abs() of it and reinsert it as positive. I don't think MySQL can do this but this is how I have written the query. I am searching for alternate methods. (If this is not possible I will simply use PHP). Thank you.

Edited with: This should update more then one row.

UPDATE `users` SET `orders` = (SELECT abs(orders)
FROM `users` WHERE count1 = 5) WHERE count1 = 5;
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Unfortunately MySQL has this stupid limitation that a the table being updated may not appear in a sub-select of the same statement.

But I don't see why you would need the sub-select at all:

UPDATE users 
    SET orders = abs(orders)
WHERE count1 = 5;

should do what you want.

Or if you want to turn all negative values into positive ones:

UPDATE users 
    SET orders = abs(orders)
WHERE orders < 0;
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Actually this seems really obvious now. Thank you for your help. I utilized the first method. (I was unaware you could do this). I selected this as accepted answer. –  wazy Aug 8 '12 at 16:46

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