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I'm using fpocket to find pockets in my PDB protein structures. The output is a ordered list of pockets pocket0_atm.pdb, pocket1_atm.pdb, etc. Some files are read into Bio.PDB.PDBParser without incident. Others fail with an "AssertionError".

Attempts to compare the .pdb files that work to those that fail have not shown me a consistent difference. Any ideas?

Here's the relevant section of code that's giving me trouble:

def get_pdb_limits(pdb_file):
    ''' Return the X,Y,Z size limits of a PDB file. '''
    p = PDB.PDBParser()
    structure = p.get_structure('test', pdb_file)
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What's the assertion error? Can you show us some code, and possibly a stack trace? –  David Cain Aug 9 '12 at 4:25
This is the offending section: –  AntC Aug 10 '12 at 13:43
def get_pdb_limits(pdb_file): ''' Return the X,Y,Z size limits of a PDB file. ''' p = PDB.PDBParser() x_min, x_max = None, None y_min, y_max = None, None z_min, z_max = None, None structure = p.get_structure('test', pdb_file) but we have a work-around that looks at the ATOM lines in the fpocket output. –  AntC Aug 10 '12 at 13:49
Thank you, AntC. In the future, just edit your post! I've done it for you, but that's where you should add such information. In this case, the stacktrace is the most important part. If my answer doesn't solve your problem, please post the specific error you get. –  David Cain Aug 11 '12 at 12:52

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Without a stacktrace, it's impossible to actually know what your problem is. However, PDB.PDBParser is built to tolerate and compensate for some errors in PDB files. Try setting PERMISSIVE to True, like below, and see if you still get errors.

p.get_structure("pdb_id", pdb_file)
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According to fpocket documentation the pocketx_atm.pdb file only contains the atoms that are in contact with the spheres used to extract the pocket. In other words the pocket files doesn't contain complete residues which could be a source of problems in parsing.

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