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in order to obtain the number of messages in a SysV queue from its ID I have used the function msgctl() in user space without any problem (as shown below):

    main(int argc, char *argv[])
      int qid;
      struct msqid_ds qstatus;


    perror("msgctl failed");

      printf("There are %d messages for queue with ID %d\n",qstatus.msg_qnum,qid);

Now, I need to do the same thing in kernel space, but the code below doesn't work (the function return -1):

    int get_num_from_id(int qid)
    struct msqid_ds qstatus;


    return qstatus.msg_qnum;

Someone can help me to understand what I'm doing wrong...

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I have solved the problem, it was the instruction "copy_to_user()" in the function "sys_msgctl()" of "msg.c": it obviously cannot work in kernel space correctly, because the user space addressing is different; I have bypassed the problem by creating another function based on "sys_msgctl()" that takes only "msqid" in input and returns the number of elements... Exactly what I have need!

Thanks the same to everyone

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