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If I have this javascript:

function I_did_something(){
  this.test.assertExists('#selector', 'exists');


The problem is that casper is using call to call the then method meaning that I cannot do something like this:

@I_did_something = ->
  @assertExists('#selector', 'exists')

casper.then @I_did_something

Because this does not refer to the global object.

Can anyone suggest how I would translate this into coffeescript without using the window object preferably?

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You can use a fat arrow (=>) to bind the function to the current this:

@I_did_something = =>
  @assertExists('#selector', 'exists')

That has a similar effect to:

that = @
@I_did_something = ->
  that.assertExists('#selector', 'exists')

and I think that's what you're after.

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