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I have list with a column Status. The Status column can have one of the following values:

  1. Requested (Required)
  2. Analysis Started (Optional)
  3. Evaluated (Required)
  4. Go For Production (Required)
  5. Postponed

Each item in this list must follow a mini workflow, transitioning from 1 to 4 (allowing to skip 2 because it's optional, but not 3 because is required), this transitioning is done manually.

For any status between 1 to 4, I can directly set status to 5 (Postpone) and return from it in any status lower that 3 (Evaluated)

My application has 17 statuses (some are required some are not) + 2 sub states (Stand By, Challenged)

I plan to create a small state machine with the statuses as states, this would help me validate if the manual transition to a state is valid or not.

Over time it is very possible to add new statues or remove some, the impact should be minimum.

My question is:

Is this really a good implementation for a state machine? since basically i have just:

  1. event(manually updating the list item) for all states
  2. some simple jump rules
  3. no need advanced state machine scenarios( onEnter or onStart actions,

Since I'm practically using this just for validation would you recommend a different approach?

P.S It case it's hard to extract an actual question from above, please simply provide your opinion on the implementation.


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a statemachine diagramm would be better than all the text – Thomas Aug 13 '12 at 9:29
isyour Requested the same for all items? – Thomas Aug 13 '12 at 9:33

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