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I am currently using a signalR hub class to connect people through chat. I was wondering what would be a good way to keep track of users connected to each other, if i match users up 1 to 1. So every time a user connects to the hub class he or she is randomly matched up and connected to a user, so i have to associate their connection id's with each other. They also would need to be constantly changed once they are switching through users.

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SignalR has a concept called groups that allows you do distribute messages to certain people only with a simple programming model. You would have to add users to groups of the size two. Take a look at the section "Managing groups" in the official documentation:


The important part is this - which means that you have to do (or can do - however you see it) your own housekeeping:

Groups are not persisted on the server so applications are responsible for keeping track of what connections are in what groups.

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