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I am not cheating or anything, but I have been asked "What cloud technolgy farmigo is using?" and i need to answer it to apply for the software engineer position. their site http://www.farmigo.com/about/the-movement

and the jobs developers.farmigo.com

Now, I want to know any way how to know a site's technology (PHP, .NET)

so my question is : A generic algorithm to find out what technology a site is using.

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They're using Google App Engine. I determined this by opening a shell and keying in dig www.farmigo.com. The CNAME DNS entry for www.farmigo.com is ghs.google.com. I know what cloud service Google offers, so the answer followed naturally.

And, to answer your question, there is not a "generic algorithm" for determining what cloud service a website is using. You have to do a little sleuthing.

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They are using Java with GAE. developers.farmigo.com/#How –  edhedges Aug 8 '12 at 17:53

Just q quick note: If you are on windows (Joe Taylor used dig on linux) then use nslookup. By the way, the question is a recruitment challenge for farmingo.com, no cheating!

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Browse their site. I found the following in the "terms" page, one click from home:

Farmigo.com uses open source software, including:
Google Maps API

The best way to get more is detective work: from the job posting, you could probably reasonably assume that they have a Java stack (most likely servlet/Apache Tomcat based). Use what you know about their products/site to determine what technologies they might have on top of that: if they have large datasets or lots of very similar pages, they might have a use for Spring or Hibernate.

Deeper detective work options:

  • Browse the Wayback machine for expired job postings looking for expertise in certain technologies.
  • Ask: find a current or previous employee at the company (via their contact info, your recruitment point of contact, or linkedIn/similar) and ask what technologies they use.

If you want a truly formulaic way of determining what technologies a site uses, without having any backed access, try a vulnerability scanner. Note that this might or might not be legal.

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hi zack, none iof the open source include cloud technology. I'll keep looking –  WebQube Aug 8 '12 at 17:55
and they are a start up- they don't have a way back :-) –  WebQube Aug 8 '12 at 17:56

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