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I'm doing a javascript application for a game, the goal is to make a "build calculator" for a MMORPG. I want to synchronize the view with data already stocked in my application. I searched and tested different framework, and knockout-js appeared to be the best solution for me


var simulatorTool = new SimulatorTool();

<p data-bind="text: test"> </p>
<p data-bind="text: test2"> </p>

Javascript Tool:

function SimulatorTool()

meSim = this;

this.config = new Config();
this.data = new Data();
this.stuff = new Stuff();
this.traits = new Traits();
this.view = new AppViewModel();

... functions


View Model:

function AppViewModel() {
    this.test = "Test!";

    this.test2 = ko.computed(function() {
        return meSim.data.selectedData['profession']
    }, this); 

The problem is that i don't know how to bind the html to the view in an other object. I don't even know if it's possible. I'd like to do something like that

 <p data-bind="simulatorTool.view, text: test"> </p>

If not, how can i access to the data inside "SimulatorTool" if the view is separated from the application ?

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I think what you want to do is something like this - let's say in simulator_tool.js:

var SimulatorTool = SimulatorTool || {};

SimulatorTool.ViewModel = function(initialData){
  //bindings etc

SimulatorTool.Start - function(initialData){
  var viewModel = SimulatorTool.ViewModel(initialData);
  return viewModel //if you want to play with it in the console...

Then, on your page:


  var payload = @Html.Raw(ViewBag.SimulatorJSON);


Ideally you might have an application.js file where the SimulatorTool namespace is already set, so you can get rid of the declaration. I don't know if the JSON dump already sets the config, or if it's set somewhere else - but generally this all belongs in its own namespace using functions or whatnot:

SimulatorTool.Config = {


SimulatorTool.Stuff = {

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