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I'm looking for a program that make a 2D map to use in a Android Game, if there is, and how I can import this map (that can be in what format? .bin, .fmx?) to my game. I was reading about the Tiled Map Editor, that has files XML with extension .tmx(?) and I wanna to know - the las t question -, if I can use with the Android SDK without a game engine, like AndEngine.

Thanks, Izaias.

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TMX maps can be created using programs like Tiled. It is possible to use 2D maps in Android without using a game engine like AndEngine. However, this means that you will have to write your own code for parsing, displaying, moving and interacting with them. Therefore, it is much simpler to use a game engine which already provides means for you to do this, like AndEngine does. You could also look at libGDX.

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I would recommend the program tiled. If you want a tutorial on how to make a map with tiled check out ray's tutorial for ios. The map creation will be the same for android. To implement with your android map, check out [cocos2d-x] which is now available for android. Hope this helps.

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you can use Mobile Atlas Creator for Creating Offline Maps for Android


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