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I try to write a batch file to use Gpg4win to encrypt file. here is what inside the batch file:

gpg2 --recipient client_certiticate_name -e test.txt 

because of client certificate problem, I get following message:

"It is NOT certain that the key belongs to the person named in the user ID. If you really know what you are doing, you may answer the next question with yes. Use this key anyway? (y/N)"

So, I have to enter y all the time. There is any way I can put the answer in the batch file?

Thanks in advance

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put the answers in a text file named a.txt and run your bat like this:

xxx.bat < a.txt

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Piping the Y into the command usually works. Though some executables clear the input buffer before asking for input.

echo Y|gpg2 --recipient client_certiticate_name -e test.txt
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I create a private key and certify the client certificate.

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Try encrypting with one of these

gpg2 --recipient client_certiticate_name -e -yes test.txt 


gpg2 --recipient client_certiticate_name -e -always-trust test.txt 

Just add either -yes or -always-trust.

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