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I want to use flask to return JSON to the brower with or without simplejson (with appropriate headers) here is what I have so far for my flask application:

def hello_world():
    result = simplejson.load(urllib.urlopen(QUERY_URL))
    return result;

Assuming the JSON output returned is:


When I visit the page http://localhost:5000 however, I get a Internal Server Error. What must I do with "result" to get it to display appropriately? Or is there some way I can tell it to return with json headers?

When I add a print statement to print the result I can see the JSON, but in the browser it gives me an Internal Server Error.

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import requests
r = requests.get(QUERY_URL)
return r.json

#normal return
return jsonify(username=g.user.username,

jsonify is available in flask. Here is the docs

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