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I FOUND A SOLUTION FOR RESTORING MY VALUES, SEE MY NEW VERSION of populateFields() Okay so I have been reading through all the Spinner and SQlite posts on here and cannot seem to find a good answer for what I am looking for so I am posting this scenario. My app has two screens and uses the sqlite database on my device saving a name and weight fields from editTexts as strings like so

String eName = name.getText().toString();
String eWeight = weight.getText().toString();// where name and weight are EditTexts

and I have two spinners as follows

String eReps = spinReps.getSelectedItem().toString();
String eSets = spinSets.getSelectedItem().toString();

Then I call this to add to the database

long id = mDbHelper.createExercise(eName, eWeight, eReps, eSets);

Here is where my issue is, upon someone selecting to create a new exercise my app crashes because it is trying to populate a spinner incorrectly. Here is what I have currently.

private void populateFields(){
  if(mRowId != null){ // where mRowId is the selected row from the list
    Cursor exercise = mDbHelper.fetchExercise();
// this is the part that i need help with, I do not know how to restore 
// the current items spinner value for reps and sets from the database.



I assume I need to use some sort of adapter to restore my list items along with the current value from the database, I am just not sure how.

Can someone please help me with this???


I had to move my ArrayAdapters repsAdapter, spinAdapter out of my onCreate() and then implement this new populateFields()

 private void populateFields(){
    if(mRowId != null){
        Cursor exercise = mDbHelper.fetchExercise(mRowId);
       // same as before
       // get the string for sReps and sSets from the database
        String sReps = exercise.getString(exercise.
        String sSets = exercise.getString(exercise.
       // use the strings to get their position in my adapters
        int r = repsAdapter.getPosition(sReps);
        int s = setsAdapter.getPosition(sSets);
       // set their returned values to the selected spinner Items
       // same as before
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The way to set a Spinner to a value, not a position, depends on what adapter you are using.

  1. ArrayAdapter, this one is easy:

    int position = adapter.getPosition(exercise.getString(exercise.
  2. SimpleCursorAdapter, this one is a little harder:

    String match = exercise.getString(exercise.getColumnIndexOrThrow(ExerciseDbAdapter.KEY_REPS));
    Cursor cursor = adapter.getCursor();
    int columnIndex = cursor.getColumnIndexOrThrow(ExerciseDbAdapter.KEY_REPS);
    while(cursor.moveToNext()) {

If you are using a different type of adapter and can't modify the code above to fit it, let me know. Hope that helps!

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I just read this answer after I figured out how to use my string value to get the position of the string in my adapter and use that returned value to set the position in my spinner, I am not sure but I believe this is what you are explaining to do. Thanks for the effort, I am pumped I found a working solution on my own before I needed help! I will set your answer as a solution to my question because it appears to be the way I have done it. –  inner_class7 Aug 8 '12 at 20:00
Yes, your solution is the same as my first option. Thanks for marking my answer as correct and I'm glad you found the answer as well! –  Sam Aug 8 '12 at 20:54

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