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Maybe, it is a stupid question but I can't use python eggs with IronPython.

I would like to test with IronPython 2.0.2 one module that I've developped. This modules is pure python. It works ok with python 2.6 and is installed as a python egg thanks to setuptools.

I thought that the process for installing my module under IronPython was very similar but unfortunately it doesn't work.

I can't install setuptools-0.6c9 with IronPython (Crash of IronPython). I've tried to copy manually my egg under IronPython site-packages and it doesn't work either.

I've also tried to include the python 2.6 site-package in the IronPython path but it can't load my module.

I've made some tests with other modules and it seems that IronPython can not load eggs. Did I miss something?

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AFAIK it's still not possible - it's work in progress. See this post, for example. IronPython's main strength is in integration with the .NET ecosystem - it's not a drop-in replacement for CPython. See this post for some other limitations of IronPython.

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