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I'm building a website with an external Tumblr blog and using JSON to pull information from the blog and place it on the website. I am running into an issue when attempting to put the image from the Tumblr {body} into my website as a separate entity from the actual text post for styling/CSS purposes. The tag in HTML is present, but I cannot seem to pull it out of the larger

tag. Here is my code to pull the information from Tumblr:

<%= tumblr.each do |post| %>
                <div class="blog-item span4">
                  <span class="date"><%= post['date'] %></span>
                  <h3> <%= post['title'] %> </h3>
                  <div class="image">
                   <%= image_tag "http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m8ci2mGzND1ruwmhv.jpg" %>
                  <p><%= post['body'].html_safe %></p>
                </div><!-- .blog-item span4 -->

Can anyone help me parse the image from a plain text post with a picture? Thank you very much.

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Hi @SamiiRuddy Did you solve your problem? Did my answer help? If so - please upvote and.or "accept" my answer (you can accept my hovering your mouse to the left of the up/down buttons and clicking the big green tick). Upvoting and accepting answers makes it more likely that people will help answer your questions in the future. –  Taryn East Jul 22 '13 at 2:46

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If the conventions follow the Tumblr API Then I'd suggest it's photo-url

(Note: not tested)

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