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I am running two servers,

  1. LAMP server where sendrequest.php is located.
  2. IIS7 based server which is configured in a way to receive HTTP PUT data.

I want when I execute sendrequest.php then it send a xml file using HTTP PUT method in PHP to IIS7 server. I read that such request send using curl library in PHP.

I have checked many codes, but not getting how to do this process. Usually most of the codes are sending JSON data array or plain test data, but I want to send a whole file.

IIS7 server configs are below:

Connection Method: HTTP
Port: 80
Folder: /TestDropLocation
AUTH: Basic
Username: USER\Sample User

Above are sample credentials for IIS7 server my client provided.

I want to create a script based on above settings in curl which send an xml file stored on my LAMP server via HTTP PUT to IIS7 server.

Can anyone provide such code. Please help, thanks!

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A simple curl with CURLOPT_HTTPAUTH should work. – Tchoupi Aug 8 '12 at 19:19
I got the HTTPAUTH thing, but how to set XML file to send as PUT request to server. – Prashant Aug 8 '12 at 20:42

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