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I have have my embedded Linux device communicating with Windows 7 via Ethernet over USB using the g_ether driver in Linux. I am attempting to modify the example linux.inf file in the kernel source under src/Documentation/usb/ in order to have my device appear in the Windows Network Connections Dialog box as something other than 'Local Area Connection 2'.

I have simply modified the [strings] portion of the linux.inf file to specifiy a custom string that does appear as a substring under the 'Local Area Connection 2' main title.

I don't know how to get my device to say for instance 'Phils Device' instead of 'Local Area Connection 2'. I would greatly appreciate if somebody could enlighten me on how to do this! Thanks -

Portion of example .inf file I modified:

Company               = "Phil"
CompanyDevice         = "Phils Device"
Vista_Property        = "Phils Device"
ServiceDisplayName    = "Phils Device Driver"




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