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I'm trying to pipe Windows commands into a program that essentially runs a console and I'm a newbie at this so I'm not quite getting the command right. What I want to do is pipe the command dir /b > out.txt into that other program.

The command is

echo dir /b > out.txt | nc.exe 7003 - ignore the nc.exe its not important

What I want is to pipe the output of echo which should be "dir /b > out.txt" but I'm getting the order of operations or something wrong. Currently what happens is that I write "dir /b" into the file out.txt and pipe nothing into nc.exe.

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double quote or escape >

echo "dir /b > out.txt" | nc.exe 7003


echo dir /b ^> out.txt | nc.exe 7003
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Not sure if its good enough for you.

echo > out.txt

Take a gander at

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