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When my usercontrol(WindowScreen) loads for the first time, my elementhost displays correctly. When I instantiate the usercontrol and pass in a different id, the elementhost doesnt get updated. Is there a reason why for this or is there a way to fix this?

Here's my code.

WindowScreen.cs -- winform:

public partial class WindowScreen : UserControl
    private WindowView _windowView;
    private WindowViewModel _windowViewModel = null;

    public WindowScreen(int id)

        elementHost.Child = this.elementHost1;
        _windowViewModel = new WindowViewModel();
        _windowView = (WindowView) this.elementHost.Child;
        //_windowViewModel.LoadTypes(123); --- first load
                  _windowViewModel.LoadTypes(id); --- pass in parameter
        _windowView.DataContext = _windowViewModel;

TestScreen.cs -- winform:

public partial class TestScreen : UserControl
    public TestScreen()

    private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        WindowScreen ws = new WindowScreen(298);
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When you call this:

WindowScreen ws = new WindowScreen(298);

You're creating a new WindowScreen, but never setting it to be used in your TestScreen control. You need to overwrite the current WindowScreen with this one - something like:

// This needs to be the appropriate/correct variable
this.windowScreen1 = new WindowScreen(298);
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I've tried what you said by doing this.windowScreen = new WindowScreen(298); but to no avail. So when I click the button in the Test usercontrol, I'm going to pass a parameter to the WindowScreen usercontrol (which has an elementhost), this is suppose to update the elementhost in the WindowScreen. My elementhost(WindowView) still isnt updating. Any other suggestion? – Calvin Aug 8 '12 at 20:34

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