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I am tyring to test Whoosh for text searching and right now a simple contrived example is not working for me. I assume I am missing something here. In the following code I would expect it give a single search result but I get 0 hits.

import sys
import os

from whoosh.fields import Schema, TEXT, STORED
from whoosh.index import create_in, open_dir
from whoosh.query import *

#creating the schema
schema = Schema(tax_id=STORED,

#creating the index
if not os.path.exists("index"):

ix = create_in("index",schema)
ix = open_dir("index")
writer = ix.writer()
writer.add_document(tax_id="17",name=u"Methyliphilus methylitrophus")
writer.add_document(tax_id="17",name=u"Methylophilus methylotrophus Jenkins et al. 1987")
writer.add_document(tax_id="45",name=u"Chondromyces lichenicolus") 

myquery = And([Term("name",u"Chondromyces")])
with ix.searcher() as searcher:


<Top 0 Results for And([Term('name', u'Chondromyces lichenicolus')]) runtime=9.41753387451e-05>


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Was able to make it work

from whoosh.qparser import QueryParser
with ix.searcher() as searcher:
    query = QueryParser("name", ix.schema).parse(u'Chondromyces')
    results =
    for result in results:
        print result
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