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Implementing a scripting language in C#

I have a C# app, now I want to allow users invoking some methods from my app, for example:


This is custom language which I want to parse in my app. Methods Click,runjjs,Input are methods from my C# program. Where I should looking for solution for such task?

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There are many ways.. just for starters:

If you want to stick with that funky syntax, start with http://www.antlr.org/ or similar parser generator or framework.

If you just want to have reasonable scripting language, not necessarily looking as the example, try IronRuby, IronPython or even JavaScript or C# (namespace CompilerServices allows you to compile code on the fly, then load it (possibly in separate appdomain to be able to unload it afterwards) and run)..

Edit: another thread with lots of links to parsers/compilercompilers: What is a good C# compiler-compiler/parser generator?

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If found the book Compiler Construction from Niklaus Wirth to be helpful for this type of task. Because we are talking about creating a compiler here. Even if you have just an interpreter in mind. An interpreter can be considered as a special kind of compiler.

Be aware of the fact that this is not an easy task. You also might consider using a compiler-compiler. An interersting alternative approach is provided by Irony. Irony allows you to specify a language syntax directly in C# by using operator overloadings.

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