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What is this character †
Is there anyway to convert such characters automatically to their html entities? I use DreamWeaver and Notepad++. I've tried this site but it's no where near powerful enough.

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'Tis a "dagger":


HTML entity is †.

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Do not write your own conversion table.

Use encodeURIComponent

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useful resource. (+1) –  Faust Aug 8 '12 at 20:44

If you're using Dreamweaver you can write in a & in the code view and it opens a nifty little window which lets you scroll trough entities in a list; also in the design view it automatically converts input to it's entity by default in the code.

This character is

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I used the HTML plugin for notepad++. If you go to plugins > plugins manager and open it and select the HTML plugin. From then on you can select the text you're interested in then go to plugins>html tags> decode or encode.

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This site simply takes a character and gives you its unicode, utf-8 representation and html entity.

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