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I'm making a game in xcode with objective-c where I have a character of which you control... This character can be moved left or right. Now I'm trying to add jumping... of which he jumps from the ground up the screen, lets say five pixels, and then drops back down, and, if he hits a platform in the air, he lands on it and cannot go through it, same works for he jumps and hits the bottom of a platform, he doesn't go through it. So basically that and just plain jumping and falling is what I'm trying to get. Also, when he walks off the platform he drops back to the ground. I basically have no code for this because as far as I try I can't get it, but anyway, I do have a jump button name jumpButton, and my character is named standin. This is actually very much like a mario game like smash bros or super mario in the sense of their jumping and platforms and what not. Colliding into something that blocks and jumping I guess and falling I guess are what I asking for.


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Have a look a this blog post on How to Make a Platform Game Like Super Mario Brothers. They use a framework called Cocos2D.

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