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in the <context:component-scan base-package= is there any diference in doing com.mycompany.proyect.dao or com.mycompany. I have this doubt because in both ways works. I have a project A that access some data, this project is packed as a jar, then the project B imports project A. Both have different package structure like com.mycompany.proyectA.dao and com.mycompany.proyectB.dao. So, to make the component scanning work. i declared the context:component-scan as follows com.mycompany. I must to say that this declaration is working, but in every example in spring (or other places) always use com.mycompany.dao. Are there some issues working in this way?

Thank you.

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As far as I can tell, there seems to some conflict between DAO methods in com.mycompany.proyectA.dao and com.mycompany.proyectB.dao

The solution is to split into 2 context:component-scan one for projectADao and one for projectBDao.

Further more you can split the context:component-scan in 2 xml files like daoA.xml and daoB.xml and then have a context:component-scan in each , ex: context:component-scan as com.mycompany.proyectA.dao and context:component-scan as com.mycompany.proyectB.dao respectively.

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It sounds good and i think it might work, but my question is about the issues declaring com.mycompany.dao or just declaring com.mycompany. Thank you. –  OJVM Sep 18 '12 at 16:16

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