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it is aprogram about school in c# I have comboboxGrade it is data bound the texts in it are grades names, and after selecting a text comboboxGrade.Text which is a grade name I do some coding but after that when determining the student stat is "pass" I need to put in a string variable the next text of the current text i.e. after selecting a grade visually from the form the text will be combobox.Text == "fourth" but I need in the code to get to the next text which is fifth when student pass, How?

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There's a few ways to do that. One just using the combo is

if ((combobox.SelectedIndex >= 0) && ((combobox.SelectedIndex + 1) < combobox.Items.Count))
   String nextGrade = combobox.Items[combobox.SelectedIndex + 1].ToString();

I'd be doing something similar off the data the combobox is bound to though.

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