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Imagine I have an image hosted at http://www.mypage.com/content/images/myimage.png and I want to display it on my webpage. In my ascx file is the following:

<img runat="server" id="ImgLarge"  class="myimage" src="../content/images/myimage.png" />  

The only problem is that this image doesn't print. I believe the fix is to have the image use the absolute URL but I'd rather not use http://www.mypage.com/content/images/myimage.png and instead use something like src=@Url.Absolute('~/images/solar-panel.png').

Does this work in ascx files? If not, is there an alternative? I've only ever done this in my cshtml files. Thanks!

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Is the image a part of the project? Typically you would have your user controls in one folder and image controls in another (same level). If this is the case, you would have a url like this:

<asp:ImageButton runat="server" ID="ImageButton2"  OnClick="sortApproved_Click" ImageUrl="~/images/down.png" />

Other wise, if you want to diagnose whats going on, look at the rendered web pages source. What does the url look like?

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