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I am trying to show a loading image when a users click a link that will show a large image in the same page.

I was wondering what's best way to detect image loading WHILE the page has been loaded already (so window.onload() doesn't work).

Thanks for any help!!!!

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Duplicate - stackoverflow.com/questions/476679/…. Check out that answer. :) –  Alex Ciminian Aug 8 '12 at 21:41

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Load the image with JavaScript and then you can use the image's onLoad attribute:

Image1 = new Image();
Image1.src = 'photo.gif';

/* Code here to display loading hour glass etc */

Image1.onload = function() {
                           /* Image has loaded here */
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$("img.big").ready(function() {
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Add "onclick" event to your link, in which via setTimeout show your loading image. E.g.

<a href="...some slow loading page" onclick="setTimeout(showLoading,1)">Link Text</a>

function showLoading() {
   // Code to show "Loading..."
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