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I am trying to extend my CreateConnectionId function to add custom logic when creating ConnectionId's in signalR

public class MyConnectionFactory : IConnectionIdFactory
   public string CreateConnectionId(IRequest request){
      //Code Goes Here

but IConnectionIdFactory will not be resolved in my intellisense because it cannot find it in my assembly. I have the following References in my References folder:

SignalR, SignalR.Hosting.AspNet, SignalR.Ninject

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It was renamed in a recent version. The IConnectionIdFactory interface was renamed to IConnectionIdGenerator.

You can find the interface under the SignalRnamespace.

Your code should look like this instead:

public class MyConnectionFactory : IConnectionIdGenerator
    public string GenerateConnectionId(IRequest request)
        return "some generated ID";
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I'm guessing you're looking at some old samples somewhere? What version of SignalR are you referencing? I believe that's a rather old interface pre-dating the MessageBus rework that was done. I believe the interface you're looking for now is IIdGenerator.

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