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Is there a way to use test::simple to check if a file exists? I'm fairly new with perl and I read all of test::tutorial, simple. I'm assuming I need to make a sub in a module, but can I just add in regular perl code to check for a file? If so how do I call it from the testing file?

Sorry I have no code as I really don't get this.

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This should work

$filename = '/path/to/your/file.doc';
 if (-e $filename) {
 print "File Exists!";

To see if the file is allowed to be read, written to, or executed we can use these instead of -e above:

Readable: -r
Writable: -w
Executable: -x

Using Test::Simple

use Test::Simple tests => 1;
my $filename='/path/to/your/file.doc';

ok(checkfile($file)==1,'File found');

sub checkfile{
    if (-e $_[0]) { return 1;}
    else { return 0; }


use Test::Simple tests => 1;
my $filename='/path/to/your/file.doc';

ok(-e $filename,'File found');
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You don't even need to do it in a subroutine, you can just do it like this: ok(-e $file, "file exists"); –  chipschipschips Aug 9 '12 at 4:30
The purpose of a subroutine is to be able to use it for checking multiple files by just calling the subroutine with the file name that I want to check. Just a fancy way. –  Annjawn Aug 9 '12 at 4:35

Test::File seems well suited for this need.

use Test::File;
file_exists_ok $filename, "Check the file exists";
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