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Im trying to push jars from sbt to our local maven repo. I use SBT-0.11.3

I followed the instructions on the github wiki. I have a build.scala under my project dir with

import sbt._
import Key._

object MyBuild extends Build{
    override def managedStyle = ManagedStyle.Maven
   lazy val publishTo = "internal" at "http://playground:9049/archiva/repository/internal/"

but when I do sbt .I get an error "not found:ManagedStyle" . How do I fix this ?

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The managedStyle method and the ManagedStyle object exist only in sbt 0.7.

In sbt 0.10+ you have instead a SettingKey named publishMavenStyle. For example, in a simple build.sbt you write

publishMavenStyle := true

In a full build file, you need to include that in the project's settings.

The same goes for your publishTo entry—that is a setting, it doesn't make sense to write that at the top level of the build file. Try to stick to the simple build file format.

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@0___ Thanks.. This works. This has an example –  questionersam Aug 10 '12 at 8:08

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