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Is there a cli way of getting the average value of all the pixels in an image

for example - if i have an all black image, I would want to type:

   *cmd* black-img.jpg 

and the output will be 0 in the shell

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Oh, this is simple:

convert  image.jpg  -scale 1x1\!  txt:-

The command uses ImageMagick's convert to enforce scaling of the input image to a size 1x1 pixels. Output will be something like this for an 8-bit RGBA image:

# ImageMagick pixel enumeration: 1,1,255,srgba
0,0: (151,161,212, 92)  #97A1D45C  srgba(151,161,212,0.361928)

or this for an 8-bit sRGB image:

# ImageMagick pixel enumeration: 1,1,255,srgb
0,0: (229,226,229)  #E5E2E5  srgb(229,226,229)

It represents the color value of the single-pixel image that was produced:

  • 0,0: are the coordinates of this pixel: 1st row in 1st column.
  • (151,161,212, 92) represent the R ed, G reen, B lue and A lpha values of the RGBA pixel.
  • (229,226,229) represent the R ed, G reen and B lue values of the sRGB pixel.
  • #97A1D45C and #E5E2E5 are the respective hex values.

Now it's your own job to compute this output into 'a '0' in the shell' if it is a black pixel. :-)

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thats very neat! can you can first turn it to grayscale so you don't have to average them? – zcaudate Aug 9 '12 at 3:09

Ok, so the original poster seems to want not the 3 or 4 color channel values when he asks about 'getting the average value of all the pixels in an image'... he wants one single value that can be derived by converting the image to grayscale first:

convert  image.jpg  -colorspace gray  -scale 1x1\!  txt:-

Sample output for the same 8-bit RGBA (with Alpha channel) image as in the other answer:

# ImageMagick pixel enumeration: 1,1,255,graya
0,0: (119,119,119, 92)  #7777775C  graya(119,119,119,0.361928)

Output for the 8-bit sRGB image (without Alpha channel) from before:

# ImageMagick pixel enumeration: 1,1,255,gray
0,0: (221,221,221)  #DDDDDD  gray(221,221,221)
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