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When I set opacity to 0.5,create path and draw it even on self-intersections of this path opacity is the same with other parts of this path. Is there any way to make this effect in other cases? for example when I draw 2 images of same color and opacity in their intersection there is that opacity too.

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This question is a little bit vague; can you please clarify what you're asking? – Dustin Aug 9 '12 at 1:09

You might be able to get the effect you want by changing the blending mode before drawing the images into your context. You can use CGContextSetBlendMode to set the blending mode. You can find the list of blending modes in the CGContext Reference. I suggest trying kCGBlendModeDarken or kCGBlendModeLighten first. Try some others if neither of those does what you want.

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