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I want to send messages from a kernel extension into a userland program using kernel controls. I'm experiencing an EINVAL error when calling ctl_enqueuedata.

I've set up a Kernel Control and I'm trying to send messages through it using ctl_enqueuedata. I'm setting

ep_ctl.ctl_flags = 0

before passing to ctl_register, which, the documents suggest, should result in ctl_unit being automatically set.

To quote kern_control.h:

For a dynamically assigned control ID, do not set the CTL_FLAG_REG_ID_UNIT flag.

static struct kern_ctl_reg ep_ctl;
static kern_ctl_ref kctlref;


errno_t error;
bzero(&ep_ctl, sizeof(ep_ctl));  // sets ctl_unit to 0
ep_ctl.ctl_id = 0;
ep_ctl.ctl_unit = 0;
strncpy(ep_ctl.ctl_name, CONTROL_NAME, strlen(CONTROL_NAME));
ep_ctl.ctl_flags = 0x0; // not CTL_FLAG_REG_ID_UNIT so unit gets supplied. Not CTL_FLAG_PRIVILEGED either.
ep_ctl.ctl_send = EPHandleSend;
ep_ctl.ctl_getopt = EPHandleGet;
ep_ctl.ctl_setopt = EPHandleSet;
ep_ctl.ctl_connect = EPHandleConnect;
ep_ctl.ctl_disconnect = EPHandleDisconnect;
error = ctl_register(&ep_ctl, &kctlref);

printf("setupControl %d\n", error);

When I call ctl_register it returns 0 ok.

When I call ctl_enqueuedata, passing in my struct kern_ctl_reg I'm getting 22, which is EINVAL. One of those arguments appears to be incorrect. The other arguments I'm passing are a static test string and its length for data, and zero flags.

int result = ctl_enqueuedata(kctlref, ep_ctl.ctl_unit, filename, length, 0x0);

The value of my ep_ctl's .ctl_unit is 0, the value of .ctl_id is 6. Could it be that the ctl_unit value being passed to ctl_enqueuedata is invalid / un-initialized?

kern_control.h says of ctl_unit:

This field is ignored for a dynamically assigned control ID

Which suggests that it isn't required anyway?

Have I missed something in initializing my ep_ctl?

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I believe you supply wrong value as the 2nd parameter of ctl_enqueuedata(). Instead of ep_ctl.ctl_unit, you have to remember struct sockaddr_ctl::sc_unit in the EPHandleConnect() callback and that's what you are supposed to pass into ctl_enqueuedata().

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Aha! I'll have a look next time I am looking at this code. Thanks. – Joe Nov 14 '12 at 21:55

I suggest using OSX's kernel debugging facilities to figure out what's going on here. That will let you walk through the relevant kernel code, and should tell you where it's rejecting your input.

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I'll give it a go, thanks. – Joe Aug 15 '12 at 21:41

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