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I need custom template tag inside model.TextField value. Value from the object text field have something like "lorem ipsum dolor {% mytag %}" but "mytag" is not rendered as template tag. It is registered in the library as tag and loaded on the page and I have {{ object.textfield|safe }} filter. Is it possible at all?

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As Django's template engine can easily be used anywhere in your code you should be able to do something like this:

from django.template import Context, Template
rendered = Template("{% load your_tag_library %}",

Rather than rendering the template from a file it renders it from a string like:

"{% load your_tag_library %}lorem ipsum dolor {% mytag %}"

The code can for instance be used in your view or as a method on your model. Note that the Context is empty, you might as well pass a dict with template variables to it.

Furthermore, to handle it directly in the template you could write a custom templatetag which does something similiar, basically a templatetag that parses strings for templatetags.

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Thank you very much Dirk – Goran Aug 10 '12 at 20:24

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