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I have an application which displays a list of users , When clicking on the email button I want the email client to open up with a prepopulated message ( I make the message using javascript) , I am not sure about how to prepopulate the message

Any help would be appreciated

I would post snippets , but honestly I dnt know how to start with this

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URI encode the text and then append it to a mailto: URL:

<a href=''>Send mail!</a>

More generally, you can use:

  • subject
  • body (multiple body parameters will put each on a new line)
  • CC
  • BCC

with an ampersand (&) between each pair.
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hey Thank you for this , If I had to add an subject I would assume it would be something like this <a href=''text+here'?body=text+here'>Send mail!</a> – alex Aug 8 '12 at 22:59

You can use jQuery to find all the links that have mailto:, then process their href to add the message body:

$("a[href^='mailto:']").prop( "href", function(i, prop){
     return prop + "?body=" + encodeURIComponent( "Your message here" );


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