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I have a log file that has a lot of fields listed in it. I want to extract the fields out of the file, but I don't want to search through the file line by line.

I have my pattern:

$pattern="Hostname \(Alias\):(.+)\(.+Service: (.+)"

This will give me the two values that I need. I know that if I have a string, and I'm looking for one match I can use the $matches array to find the fields. In other words, If I'm looking at a single line in the file using the string variable $line, I can extract the fields using this code.

if($line -matches $pattern){

But how can I get these values without searching line by line? I want to pass the whole file as a single string, and add the values that I am extracting to two different arrays.

I'm looking for something like

while($filetext -match $pattern){

But this code puts me in an infinite loop if there is even one match. So is there a nextMatch function I can use?

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PowerShell 2.0 addressed this limitation by adding the -AllMatches parameter to the Select-String cmdlet e.g.:

$filetext | Select-String $pattern -AllMatches | 
    Foreach {$_.Matches | Foreach {$_.Groups[1] | Foreach {$_.Value}}}
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Thanks, this works great. – StaticMethod Aug 14 '12 at 15:37

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