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The proper syntax in Linq for this SQL query is eluding me. I'd appreciate any hand with this.


SELECT TOP 1 posdate 
FROM   dailypos 
GROUP  BY posdate 
HAVING Count(DISTINCT customernumber) = 3 
ORDER  BY posdate DESC) 

Essentially, I get files from 3 different customers and I need a quick way to determine the most recent date for which I have data from all 3. I'm open to a different approach, but this SQL works for what I need.

I can do the group, but I don't know how to handle the 4th line (HAVING Count(Distinct...))

Thanks in advance.

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Try something like this:

var result = context.dailypos
    .GroupBy(x => x.posdate)
    .Where(g => g.Select(x => x.customernumber).Distinct().Count() == 3)
    .Select(g => g.Key)
    .OrderByDescending(x => x)
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Absolutely perfect. The sequence of .where().distinct().Count() was where I was struggling. Makes perfect sense now that I see it laid out. – nycdan Aug 9 '12 at 14:14

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