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<script type="text/x-handlebars" data-template-name="item-view">
  {{#with view.content.json}}
    <td>{{unbound artistName}}</td>
    <td>{{unbound price}}</td>
    <td>{{unbound primaryGenreName}}</td>
    <td>{{unbound version}}</td>

  <script type="text/x-handlebars">
    {{view Em.CollectionView itemViewClass="App.ItemView" contentBinding="App.itemsController"}}

The HTML table tags in the above template are stripped out using ember-1.0.pre.js. Is there a more appropriate pattern than this for outputting a table of results where there are many values?

The post Handlebars.js: Nested templates strip “safe” HTML appears relevant to the subject of preserving the tags but Ember adds its own abstraction on top of this.

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Looking at the ember docs, I think this what you are trying to find. You should be able to substitute a bunch of different list types in depending on your goal.

anUndorderedListView = Ember.CollectionView.create({
    tagName: 'tbody',
    content: ['A','B','C','D'],
    itemViewClass: Ember.View.extend({
        templateName: 'item-view'


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