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I have

attr_accessible :access_token
attr_encrypted :access_token, key: ENV['ENCRYPTION_KEY']

and I'm doing some User.find_by_access_token, so I'd like to index the field in the db.

However, no access_token exists, only encrypted_access_token.

Does indexing this do the same thing as indexing any other field?

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The whole point of saving encrypted data is to prevent the cleartext from showing. Obviously you cannot search for it, or the whole concept would be flawed.

You can index the encrypted token with a plain index and search the table with the encrypted token - for which you obviously need the encryption key.

CREATE INDEX tbl_encrypted_access_token_idx ON tbl(encrypted_access_token);

FROM   tbl
WHERE  encrypted_access_token = <encrypted_token>;

If all your tokens can be decrypted with an IMMUTABLE Postgres function, you could use an index on an expression:

CREATE INDEX tbl_decrypted_token_idx
ON tbl(decrypt_func(encrypted_access_token));

FROM   tbl
WHERE  decrypt_func(encrypted_access_token) = <access_token>;

Note that the expression has to match the expression in the index for the index to be useful.

But that would pose a security hazard on multiple levels.

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Note also that you couldn't select for anything except equality. Ranges searches or pattern matches couldn't use such an index. –  kgrittn Aug 9 '12 at 14:28

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