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I'm new to Chrome extension development. I tried to follow the "hello world" debugging tutorial at http://developer.chrome.com/extensions/tut_debugging.html, but I couldn't find the inspect popup menu or inspect views link to open the debugger when I right-click on the "hello world" icon.

I noticed that in my chrome extension tab: chrome://chrome/extensions/, there is an "inspect views" link which enabled me to open a debugger for Google translate extension that I've installed before. However, the "inspect views" link didn't show up for "hello world" extension (source code: http://developer.chrome.com/extensions/examples/tutorials/getstarted.zip).

I have tried to search if someone has a similar problem but I couldn't find one. I'm using Google chrome 21.0.1180.60 for Windows XP.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions to open the debugger!

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The shortcut - > ctrl + shift + j, will open the console for you –  MimiEAM Aug 9 '12 at 0:58
possible duplicate of Chrome Debugging tutorial appears not do work. What I'm doing wrong? –  Rob W Aug 9 '12 at 9:56

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You are right... Try this:

  • Open the ext popup window by clicking on it
  • Right-click inside the displayed popup and choose the "Inspect Element" option
  • This will launch a dev tools instance for the popup.

For more details: http://samdutton.wordpress.com/2010/12/16/debugging-google-chrome-extensions/

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