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I am trying to concatenate my div to images within it using jquery variable. Not sure how to do this. Thanks for any helps.

var pictureDiv = $('#pictureDiv');


//I want to change image within my pictureDiv and 
//want to use my pictureDiv variable..

//I also want to change p tag within my pictureDiv and
// want to use my pictureDiv variable..
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You're looking for .find(), as in pictureDiv.find('img') or whatever. –  Pointy Aug 9 '12 at 1:08
Use the .find() method for everything inside an element –  ShaunOReilly Aug 9 '12 at 1:10

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If the picture div has <p> tags in it, is it the actual image or a container that contains both <p> tags and <img> tags? If it's a container, use the .find() function like this:

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if you have p tag and img tag in pictureDiv

var pictureDiv = $('#pictureDiv');


$("img",pictureDiv).attr("src","image path");

$("p",pictureDiv).html("insert text into p tag");
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jQuery('#pictureDiv').find("img"); jQuery('#pictureDiv').find("p");

This should get you the list of images.

That is if I understood the question correctly.


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