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Where can I get the full list of Content Provider that Android offers out of the box?
Specifically, I'm looking for a content provider that lists received SMS.

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The publicly available ones are listed in the android.provider package in the SDK documentation:

All other ones are undocumented, presumably for a reason. You are welcome to search the Android source code for those classes which extend ContentProvider, perhaps using Google Code Search. And, if you are working on improving the Android firmware, you can also make inquiries on one of the Android open source project lists to see how best for you to add in your specific desired capability.

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Some are undocumented since they are were just created for specific purposes, and there is no guarantee that they will always be there - see this blog post by Tim Bray from Google: Be Careful With Content Providers. He also gives a tip on how to find the others by looking at the source code. – Richard Le Mesurier May 20 '11 at 7:06

The content provider for SMS was removed from the SDK in Android 1.5. It was available in the earlier SDKs though.

Use these to get the required URIs


Keep in mind that since these are undocumented they may change in the future.

For more details look at core/java/android/provider/ in the android source code

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Prashast, is this available in SDK 2.2, If not how can I access sms Inbox? – GG. Oct 9 '10 at 17:31
Unfortunately, these are still undocumented. You still use them on a 2.2 phone though. – Prashast Oct 10 '10 at 15:50

You can use adb shell dumpsys > dumpsys.txt and search for "content providers" in that file. From that you can see the list

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You can use next line adb shell dumpsys | grep Provider{

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