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I tried get data from rest api using http requests and evenmachine. For this use em-net-http, fibers(ruby1.9.2p290). My pseudocode look like this:

  EM.run do
    Fiber.new do

    Fiber.new do


    Fiber.new do


Question: How stop EM after all data loaded? I counted requests but this bad practice. Is there any pattern to do this? I also used em-synchrony but this slower for me.


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I suspect your code is doing requests sequentially. No idea how em-synchrony can be slower than a sequential download. Please provide a benchmark with results. –  phil pirozhkov Aug 12 '12 at 2:21

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Use em-http-request and the multi-http interface which provides a call back for when all the requests have been completed. The example provided in the second link does pretty much what you're after.

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